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Wilder1Radio is dedicated to bringing exposure to the best in original, independent music from R&B, Nu Soul, Smooth Jazz, Hip-Hop and Spoken Word.


If you hear a song you like make sure you request to hear it again. You can even add your own track to the rotation by submitting your work for our review.


With the growing number of net radio stations it all comes down to where to find the music and artists that you want to hear, and that's right here at Wilder1Radio.



Featued Artist

What do you get when you put - Not 1, Not 2, But 3 great artists together?


You get hot collabs like this one. Miguel "MigMade" Wilder, Mista Perez, and Phillip Bailey bring the HEAT with this exclusive collaboration "BEAUTY'S ONLY SKIN DEEP".



Put this one on the top of your list of hot tracks to listen to over, and over, and over again.










To ensure that your tracks get the proper credit and consideration, these guidelines must be followed in order to submit your track.


1. All tracks MUST be 128 bit rate or higher and in MP3 form ONLY. Tracks must be of good sound quality.


2. (QUICK TIP ON HOW TO ID3) RIGHT click on the song file (MP3) and go down to properties and left click. When the box opens choose SUMMARY, if you do not see the ID3 Fields click advanced. Fill in as much information in each field as possible. When finished click apply and make sure you have edited the track name and title properly.


3. Tracks must be formatted properly with track title, and artist. SAMPLE -TRACK TITLE BY ARTIST.mp3 (There can only be 1 dot (.) in the track title (.MP3)


4. YOU must either own all the rights to the submitted track(s) or have written permission to use it.


5. YOU must clearly state in your email (when you send the track) that you are the owner or have written permission to submit the track on another persons behalf and that you are giving me written permission to use the track on this station in exchange for promoting your music to our listening audience. TITLE, ARTIST, GENRES and any other related track information must be put in the email with the track submission to ensure proper credit is given.


6. Tracks must be radio edited before submitting them for air play consideration.


7. Submit tracks to w1r.submission@gmail.com (SUBJECT LINE) Wilder1Radio TRACK SUBMISSIONS.
All guidelines must be followed or your track may be rejected. There is no guarantee (unless otherwise discussed) that your track will be played or when it will be played.


New shows, contests, giveaways and other information will be sent via email to all mailing list members.


All tracks will be reviewed, and given our highest consideration, based on these guidelines: Track content, and track quality.


We are currently accepting tracks in the following genres...


HIP HOP (Also includes clean rap)





GOSPEL (Uplifting/Inspirational)


NOTE: We are now accepting tracks for the following categories:

SPOKENPELLA - which will be spoken words tracks without music.

INSTRUMENTALS - If you're a Beat Maker/Instrumentalist/Producer looking to promote some of your tracks you can do it right here on Wilder1Radio.


Your submitted track(s) must fit into one of these categories.


Only tracks sent to w1r.submission@gmail.com (SUBJECT LINE) Wilder1Radio TRACK SUBMISSION will be considered for the station. By submitting tracks to this email address you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the submission.


If you would like for your tracks to be available for giveaways and other promotional events please specify your consent in the submission email. (More exposure for you)

All guidelines are subject to change at any time.


Contact Info

Markess & Miguel Wilder
Dub T.P. Productionz

P.O. BOX 46661
Cincinnati, ohio 45246


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